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The following is an excerpt from a post by Ryan Randolph at Yang Town on how to do TAT on a traumatic event.

To do TAT, find a quiet place where you can spend 10 minutes to yourself.  I usually do TAT before I go to sleep since it helps relax me and clear my head.  Sit down and hold the TAT pose. 

The TAT Pose 

TAT - Tapas Acupressure TechniqueUsing one hand, gently touch the thumb to the area just above the inner corner of your eye. With the ring finger of the same hand, gently touch the finger to the area above the inner corner of the other eye.



TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique.

Place the middle finger at the point midway between both eyes, and about 1/2 inch above (near your third eye point).  No pressure is necessary.



TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique.Now take your other hand and gently place the palm against the back of the head with the thumb resting just above the hairline so that the palm cradles the skull.

Either hand can be in front or back.  You can have your eyes open or closed. You may also lie down if you’d like. 

How to perform TAT

Begin with this intention (aloud or silent):

The healing I am about to do will also benefit all of my ancestors, my family, everyone involved, all parts of myself and all points of view I have ever held.

Also, during your first time doing TAT, do the pose and focus on this statement (this allows the egos defenses to come down enough for healing to take place):

I deserve to live and I can accept love, help and healing.

Limit TAT to 20 minutes a day and be sure to drink lots of water (your cells and neuro-networks are rearranging themselves).

Hold the TAT pose and focus on the following statements for about 1-2 minutes each (or as long as you feel is appropriate).  If your hands get tired, simply rest for a moment then begin again.

Step 1 – The ProblemThis happened.  Replace “this” with whatever traumatic event happened for each statement. For example, “My dog’s death happened.”

Step 2 –  The Opposite of the Problem:  This happened, it’s over and I’m okay.  I can relax now.   This refers to the eternal part of yourself that always exists and always will exist.  If it’s an ongoing problem you can say This is happening and I’m okay. For example, “My dog’s death happened, it’s over and I’m okay. I can relax now” or “My dog is dying and I’m okay.”

Step 3 –  The Places: All the places in my mind, body and life where this has been stored are healing now.

Step 4 – The OriginsAll the origins of this are healing now.

Step 5 – Forgiveness Part 1:  I apologize to everyone I hurt related to this and wish them love, happiness and peace. It is not necessary to name all the people in these three parts.

Step 5 – Forgiveness Part 2I forgive everyone who hurt me related to this and wish them love, happiness and peace.

Step 5 – Forgiveness Part 3I forgive everyone I blamed for this, including God and myself.

Step 6 – PartsAll the parts of me that got something from this are healing now. This heals the painbody or psychological reversal part of you which may receive some benefit from the pain such as attention and sympathy.

Step 7 – Whatever’s Left:  Whatever’s left about this is healing now.

Step 8 – Choosing: I choose ________.  Fill in the blank with a statement of how you want to feel or any positive outcome that you want.  Make sure it’s positive such as “I choose to feel love towards my parents,” and not “I choose to forget all the pain my parents caused me.” 

Step 9 – IntegrationThis healing is completely integrated now.  Next, swap hands so that the one in back is now in front and review this statement again.  

TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique.Then put the fingers tips of each hand around each ear so that the thumb is touching the bottom of the earlobe and the pinkie is touching the top of th ear with all the other fingers touching around the outer part of the ear and review the statement again.

Step 10 – Gratitude: Simply give thanks to God, life, source energy etc. for the healing that has taken place.

You may feel dramatic shifts immediately or a more subtle shift within a few days.  You may feel like a weight has been lifted or you just feel happier or more emotionally free. 

This is the process of regaining that youthful joy of being a kid again.  Feel free to be creative with the wording.  Say the words that feel best for your situation.

I have personally used TAT, dozens of times to overcome many things in my life.  I like to focus on one trauma or limiting belief at a time and do it every night for about 5 days straight. 

I’ve done on things that I logically thought that I was beyond and I’ve found that it’s helped a lot since there was still a bit of pain buried deep within my psyche.  

Throughout the day if anything comes up I may go into the TAT pose and reaffirm the “I choose” statement from step 8 to refocus myself.  It’s a great way to center yourself and refocus your energy.  Try it on a painful event you’ve experienced in the past right now and see how it works for you.

To read Ryan’s entire post click here.

Now, a few words from your host Tenacious J.

Above is a great outline of how to do TAT on traumatic events. Below is the procedure for doing TAT on negative/limiting beliefs and stuck emotions. 

In order to do TAT on a negative or limiting belief  simply follow the above procedure with the exception of step one and two. Before doing step one first state the limiting belief. For example, “I am one ugly dude.” Then either state the opposite, “I am a hurricane of handsome” or simply state “It’s not true that I am one ugly dude.” Either will work. 

Next, for step one state, “Everything that contributed to my resonating, identifying and connecting with this happened.” 

For step two state, “All that happened, it’s over and it’s no longer resulting in my resonating, identifying and connecting with this. It’s over. I’m okay and I can relax now.”

When doing TAT on a stuck emotion, just like when clearing negative/limiting beliefs we only change step one and two. First, intend for the healing to be on whatever stuck emotion you like.  Sometimes I will state, “This frustration” for example.

Then, for step one state, “Everything that led up this happened.”

For step two state, “Everything that led up to this happened. It’s over.  I’m okay and I can relax now.” 

You can also do TAT on the event or events that first caused the stuck energy.

I will try both or even all three procedures if I have a stubborn issue. These statements aren’t set in stone. Adjust them to whatever works best for you. 


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